This skyscraper which casts no shadow is inspired by London’s ambitious build skywards

Lynsey Barber
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A shadowless skyscraper could solve London's potential highrise problem (Source: Getty)

London’s skyline is about to change dramatically as the only way to build is upwards.

Hundreds of skyscrapers are being planned for the capital over the next decade and some fear that could cast a rather large shadow over the city.

Architects have come up with an innovative new building design however, which can regulate the amount of light around a tower, meaning Londoners will be able to bask in the glorious sunshine rather than being caught in the chilly shadows cast by the ever-taller towers of the capital.

The design, by NBBJ, incorporates two towers which respond to the “solar context of the site”. A computer algorithm takes in information about the location of the buildings - in the case of the concept design, the Greenwich Peninsula near the O2 - creating an optimum shape which removes the shadows from each other.

The design reduces direct shadow around the buildings by up to 60 per cent and the space around them enjoys changing light patterns from the mirrored buildings.

Most importantly, the design regulates heat so the City no longer has to live in fear of sunny days that turn the capital’s skyscrapers into science fiction-like melting machines.

No Shadow Tower from nbbjdesign on Vimeo.

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