Apple Watch launch: Four questions Tim Cook will answer about price, battery life, UK release date and apps

Lynsey Barber
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All will finally be revealed about the Apple Watch later today (Source: Getty)

So many questions, so few answers - until now.

The rumour mill may have been in overdrive about the Apple Watch since Tim Cook first revealed the smartwatch late last year, but we’re about to get the full lowdown on what’s possibly the most anticipated wearable launch ever.

At 5pm GMT, Cook will take to the stage at a special event dubbed “spring forward”, and he should have some answers to these essential questions everyone is asking about the Apple Watch (which is almost certainly going to be a huge hit).

1. How much will it cost?

The starting price of the Apple Watch is $349 (£231). That’s largely in the affordable category for those who already own Apple products and a basic model Apple Watch is still an Apple Watch.

More interesting still, is how Apple will create its price points from there, through a selection of mid-range to high-end designs.

There is talk of a $10,000 18 carat gold model on the cards. With former execs from Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent working on the device, this is not quite as insane as it sounds. And Apple has to sell a lot less of them to fewer wealthier people than the basic model to make it worth their while.

Buyers will also be eager to find out what kind of mix and match elements will be available when it comes to buying different straps. If you start with an affordable model will you be able to “upgrade” with a better looking strap. The add-on sales for Apple would be exponential compared to the single watch or phone purchase Apple customers usually make.

2. How long will the battery last?

This is possibly the most crucial question for potential Apple Watch owners. Hype cannot hide the actual performance of a device like this. One of the main focuses for Apple should have been squeezing as much juice out of that tiny square as possible, because, let’s face it, however much of an Apple fan you are, you won’t be happy having to charge it more than once a day. Apple's solution to this could be a power saving mode.

3. When can I buy it?

Once Apple is ready to talk about a product at a dedicated event, it almost certainly means it will be in people’s hands (or wrists) pretty sharpish.

The UK is traditionally one of the first markets Apple makes its new products available first alongside its US home market, so we won't have long to wait.

That means it's probably weeks away, with the consensus being an early April launch. Could it give Apple fans an Easter treat? It could be a bit of a squeeze, but then the tech giant has already embarked on a US advertising campaign in glossy magazines.

4. What apps will it have?

Developers have had access to the Apple Watch for a while now, which suggests there will be a lot of apps to play around with on the watch from day one. Some have even suggested this will run into the thousands. This means there will be apps from Apple as well as third parties.

From Apple there will be apps like Siri and Passbook.

There will be "essentials" like Facebook and Twitter, as well as apps with perhaps less broad appeal, from BMW (so you can see how much charge is left in your electric car) Nike (to monitor fitness) and Starwood Hotels (for unlocking your hotel room with a wave of your wrist).

Some of these may be gimmicky, and a way of adding the clout of big names behind a new product, but the sheer choice of apps that users will be able to test out will keep them no doubt occupied for some time. And you never know what become a surprise hit on a new device.

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