How much is Snapchat worth? Four charts showing just how big Snapchat’s $19bn valuation is

Lynsey Barber
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Its messages may disappear - but its value definitely hasn't (Source: Getty)

Everyone’s favourite disappearing messaging app, Snapchat, has raised a new round of funding which values the firm as high as $19bn (£12.3bn).

It’s a vote of confidence for the four-year-old app, which has just introduced a host of content- driven advertising features in a bid to start generating some revenue.

The app is looking to raise $500m from investors in a new funding round, according to reports, which would make it the third most valuable startup in the world.

1. It's worth more than any other venture-backed startup in the world today - except Uber and Xiaomi

It follows a previously rumoured round of funding in which it was valued at $10bn, bringing its total venture funding to $190m based on previously disclosed figures at the time.

It now surpasses Drobox, Airbnb and Flipkart, which are also valued at £10bn.

2. It's is worth more than over two-thirds of FTSE 100 listed firms

3. ... and more than nearly all Nasdaq companies

4. ... and the GDP of these nine countries

Those figures also place a rudimentary $190 price tag on each Snapchat user, up from the $100 when its was previously valued at $10bn.

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