Arm Holdings' full-year profit grows on the back of Apple iPhone sales

The dominance of Apple's iPhone has helped its chip supplier Arm
Software design company Arm Holdings' full year profit jumped 13 per cent to £411.3m, after the iPhone 6, holding the company’s core chip technology, enjoyed record sales.

The Cambridge-based company, most known for selling microchips to smartphone giants Samsung and Apple, saw its revenue rise 11 per cent to £795.2m.

Apple, one of Arm’s biggest clients, broke its own sales record by selling 74.5m iPhones in the final quarter of 2014.

Chief executive of Arm Holdings, Simon Segars, said that its success in 2014 was not only due to market-leading companies that were already customers, but also to a “broadening range of new customers”.

“As expected, ARM’s royalty revenue growth rate increased in the fourth quarter,” he said.

Share holders saw a 23 per cent rise in dividend to 7.02p per share, and earnings per share went up by 17 per cent to 24.1p.

Arm’s share price rose 2.94 per cent to 1,087p, its highest point since December 2013.

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