General Election 2015: Poll suggests Conservatives are in the lead

Sarah Spickernell
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There is still no obvious winner (Source: Getty)
With just three months to go before the general election, analysts are still unable to place a firm prediction on who will come out on top.
It has been been described as the least predictable general election in British history, and most recent polls have placed the Conservatives and Labour roughly neck and neck.
A new opinion poll funded by Michael Ashcroft has given a similar indication, but suggests the Conservatives are narrowly in the lead with 34 per cent of voters currently on their side.
Falling three points behind is Labour with 31 per cent, followed by Ukip with 14 per cent. The Liberal Democrats are at nine per cent, while the Greens have six per cent.

The poll was carried out over the last two days and 1,003 people were asked for their opinions over the phone.
Such a small lead would not necessarily mean a complete win for the Conservatives even if it did occur in May. The current voting system means the party would need to have a lead of up to seven per cent for this to happen, according to some analysts.

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