Struggling through Dry January? Load up on coffee instead

Pact will deliver your caffeine hit (Source: Pact)

Pact coffee delivery service

Broaden your coffee horizons with this delivery service that will supply you with weekly or fortnightly bags of precious beans. You’ll also get tasting notes so you can learn as you drink. There’s no contract and if you use the code “onepound” you’ll get your first delivery for £1. Well worth checking out.
From £6.95/fortnight,

Ensure perfectly brewed coffee

Copper Turkish coffee pot

Keep things old-school with this beautifully crafted traditional Turkish coffee pot. According to maker Mauviel, “the wide bottom, narrow neck will ensure that the coffee is brewed perfectly whilst the long wooden handle will mean there are no burnt fingers over the stove”.

Receive bags of coffee every month

Press Coffeehouse

Make sure you’re never caught without good coffee in the house with this excellent delivery service. Press Coffeehouse will send you bags of the finest coffee from around the world every month.
From £14.50/month for a worldwide subscription,

Coffee with butter?

Bulletproof coffee

Coffee alone isn’t enough for those crazy kids in Silicon Valley – now they’re necking coffee mixed with butter and oil. Named after the “Bulletproof executive” Dave Asprey, who invented the craze, it requires special MCT oil and grass fed butter, and it’s supposed to send your brain into overdrive. Does it work? Probably not, but butter is delicious.

Save money by making your coffee at home

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you should drink murky “instant” swill that tastes of rainy afternoons at your gran’s house. One of these compact coffee machines should fit comfortably on your desk and will ensure you have a steady flow of tasty caffeine. The money you save nipping out to the local barista will pay off the £39.50 in a matter of weeks.

For the David Lynch fan

Twin Peaks coffee mug

A damn fine cup of coffee deserves a damn fine mug to go with it, and if you don’t get the reference, you haven’t watched enough of David Lynch’s surreal 90s hit Twin Peaks. You could go even further and order some of the legendary director’s very own coffee blend.
Mug: $15,; coffee: £21,

Flat White in Soho

Flat White

While New York likes to take the credit for pretty much every hipster trend, it was really the Aussies who kickstarted London’s coffee revolution. In fact, you can trace it all the way back to Soho’s Flat White, which opened in 2005. So next time you’re in central London, nip in to its sparse Berwick St coffeehouse to say thanks. Just don’t expect modern amenities like wi-fi or a credit card machine.