Swanky modern apartment or lovely old bulding? Brits' dream homes revealed

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What are Britain's favourite homes? (Source: Getty)

As anyone who's ever sat at a British dinner table can attest, we're a nation of property obsessives.

But what kind of homes do we prefer? YouGov has investigated Brits' attitudes to interior design. Are we a nation desperate for the swanky high rise apartment, or do our hearts yearn for the traditional period features estate agents point to with glee at every viewing?

Despite what you may think given the preponderance of "open plan living" in ads, a whopping 74 per cent of people preferred a "separate kitchen to living room" to “one big space, with the kitchen as part of the open plan area”.

Open plan seems to get more of a look-in with the younger crowd of 18-24-year-olds, but even in this demographic only 30 per cent preferred the more modern style.

Brits' passion for the traditional was borne out even more, with 48 per cent of respondents saying they would pick “a lovely old building, with period features” over a "lovely modern architect-designed building". Interestingly on this question, there was a sharp divide between the genders.

Women preferred the traditional style by a hefty 13 points, while men went with the more modern look by a margin of two points.

In keeping with the national character, Brits overwhelmingly prefer their colour schemes to be cool and calm "neutral shades" rather than brash "vibrant colours". However, the young again are more open experimenting with more daring colour schemes.

The country is much more evenly split on the contentious question of whether the best bathroom is a “a big walk-in shower with no bath” or “a bath that you can shower in”. Almost half of those polled preferred the bath while 43 per cent went with the shower.

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