2014 Christmas gift ideas: Quality technology you can fit in a stocking

SMS Audio BioSport headphones

SMS Audio BioSport in-ear headphones with heart monitor

The perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life, these ear-buds don’t just play music, they also monitor your heart-rate.

Touch Mini Boombox speaker

Touch Mini Boombox Speaker

This lightweight gadget slots into the speaker at the end of your phone and pumps up the volume so you have a portable boombox.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

Track your activity during the day and your sleep quality at night with this wireless device.
£79.99, fitbit.com

Sony camera

Sony QX10 Lens-style camera

This ingenious lens/sensor clips onto your smartphone and captures images far better than the built-in camera. It then syncs them wirelessly through a Sony app.
£149.99, sony.co.uk

Eyefly 3D

Eyefly 3D

This screen protector uses nano lens technology to turn any image or video into a 3D viewing experience.
£12.99, eyefly3d.com

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