Gordon Brown: "Pre-referendum promises will be kept following Scottish independence defeat"

Sarah Spickernell
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Gordon Brown believes it is time for Scotland to unite (Source: Getty)
In light of defeat for those seeking independence for Scotland, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown says guarantees made ahead of the referendum on change and further devolution will be delivered.
On Thursday, the “No” campaign beat the “Yes” campaign by 2,001,926 votes to 1,617,989, resulting in Scotland remaining part of the UK.
Describing himself and the leaders of the three main UK parties as “promise makers”, Brown told an audience in Fife, Scotland, that the promises made prior to the referendum would be “locked in”. He added that it was time to move from the "battleground to the common ground"
Among the pre-referendum promises is the drawing up of a “command paper” setting out new powers for Scotland. This is due to be published by the end of October. There will also be a House of Commons debate on 16 October to ensure all plans are on track.
“There is a time to fight but there is a time to unite. This is the time for Scotland to unite,” he said, reflecting on months of escalating tensions between those in favour of and against independence.
"Let us think of ourselves not as Yes Scots or No Scots but let us think of ourselves, all of us simply as Scots and united let us be a nation again."
Divide in Westminster
Following the result of Thursday’s referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron has been promoting more autonomy for England over English matters. He has proposed a system where only MPs from England would vote on English issues in Parliament.
But Labour leader Ed Miliband has indicated he will not agree to Cameron’s proposals to increase the powers of English MPs.

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