Who won? How Edinburgh voted in Scotland's independence referendum - results map and charts.

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Edinburgh voted No (Source: Getty)

The results are in and only four council districts voted Yes in the Scottish independence referendum.

Dundee, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and North Lanarkshire were those choosing independence, while the other 28 made it clear they wished to remain part of the UK.

Of those, the most important was Glasgow, where 53.5 per cent of people threw their weight behind separation.

How did Glasgow vote? Read here.

Edinburgh was the eight-highest area in terms of support for a no vote, with 61.1 per cent of the electorate indicating it wished to remain part of the union.

Turnout in the city was lower than expected, coming in at 84.4 per cent. Before the election some experts believed that 97 per cent of eligible voters would cast a ballot. In the event turnout across the country was 84.6 per cent, putting Edinburgh just below the average.

Turnout in Glasgow was even lower, at 75 per cent.

Here is how the whole of Scotland voted:

The below interactive map shows the proportion of the Yes/No vote in each local authority.

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