Struggling to get into work? London Underground delays frustrate commuters

Catherine Neilan
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Commuters are being advised to take alternative routes - but only "reasonable" ones
Struggling to get in this morning? Here's why:
Engineering work on the Central Line finished late apparently. There's a conspiracy theory going around noting that the delay happened to fall on the same day a strike had been scheduled for, but we're saying nothing.
The whole of the Circle Line was down “while we work to remove loose concrete in the roof at Kings Cross”.
This is also affecting the Hammersmith and City Line between Baker Street and Barking. In case you're not familiar with the route, that's about two-thirds of it. But TFL notes there is a GOOD SERVICE on the rest of the line. So that's OK.
The Metropolitan Line is also down between Baker Street and Aldgate, although once again there is a GOOD SERVICE on the rest of the line.
Lastly, there are severe delays between Surrey Quays and Clapham Junction because of a signal failure at Queen's Road Peckham.
You'll be pleased to know tickets are accepted on alternative routes, though ominously TFL says only for “reasonable” ones. It doesn't say what that constitutes.
Unsurprisingly, people aren't happy this morning:

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