Iain Anderson: Three things you didn’t know about the Cicero director

Gabriella Griffith
Iain Anderson once modelled for Vivienne Westwood
Co-founder and director of PR Group Cicero Iain Anderson

1 He once modelled for Vivienne Westwood in Vogue Homme. Back in September 1995 the designer wanted to use a group of Scottish people living in London and Iain fitted the bill. “I had to jump off a box in a kilt,” he said.

2 He is related to a notorious 1960s mercenary called Mad Mike Hoare, who lead coups in the Congo and the Seychelles and whose story inspired the Richard Burton film Wild Geese.

3 Anderson used to be Ken Clarke’s comms guy and while he and Clarke – who he says is a big petrol head – were at a grand prix, Anderson suggested a reluctant Clarke get into one of the cars for a photo. When the MP got stuck in the car, the resulting photos were splashed all over the press.

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