Wednesday 3 October 2018 6:14 pm

The world’s first hyperloop train has been revealed and is due to launch next year

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The world’s first hyperloop capsule which promises to zip passengers around at airplane speeds has been revealed in Spain.

The capsule, produced by HyperloopTT, will hold up to 40 passengers when it becomes operational in 2019.

The system uses a system of frictionless magnetic cushions to propel capsules along underground low-pressure tubes at speeds of up to 1,223 km per hour.

At five tonnes the 105-foot capsule, named Quintero One took one year and 26,000 man hours to build, the company said.

It is built from two layers of vibranium – a new composite material which claims to be lighter and eight times stronger than aluminium.

The material also uses embedded sensors which give operators instant information on temperature, stability and integrity.

The capsule was unveiled on HyperloopTT’s fifth anniversary. It will be taken for testing in Toulouse, France, before being put into service next year.

CEO Dirk Ahlborn said: "The creation of this capsule represents over a year long journey of the best expertise in design, engineering, and the development of cutting edge materials.

“In just five years we have solved and improved upon all of the technology needed for Hyperloop with our new levitation system, vacuum pumps, batteries, and smart composites.

“This capsule will be a part of one of the most efficient transportation systems ever made."

Hyperloop technology gained traction in 2013 when billionaire Elon Musk suggested a connection which would reduce the time between Los Angeles and California to 30 minutes, compared to around 12 hours by train.