Tuesday 21 September 2021 12:16 pm

Universal Music IPO shares surge as Lucian Grainge spies £105m payday

Universal Music, which landed on the Amsterdam stock exchange today, had shares surge by more than a third in its first few minutes.

The well-anticipated initial public offering (IPO) could secure the world’s largest music label group a valuation close to $46bn.

Shares were initially listed for €18.50 each but have since jumped to around €25.70 on the Euronext.

The float will see it split from French media giant Vivendi, handing over 70 per cent of its shares to Vivendi shareholders as it eyes alternative acquisitions.

Chairman of the group Sir Lucian Grainge is expected to receive an over £105m cash bonus from the share surge, The Times reported.

Universal Music, the group behind Lady Gaga and the Rolling Stones, had recently dished out some $300m for Bob Dylan’s music catalogue, as it bolsters its streaming offering as the second largest music publisher in the world.

The Amsterdam listing, sponsored by BNP Paribas, comes amid rising competition from music giants offering streaming services alone.

Universal, which also represents Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, has emerged a steady ship in the digital revolution that has swept up the music industry.

From online streaming revenues to the rebirth of vinyl records and CDs, the music giant has managed to grow its sales for six years straight – posting €7.43bn in sales last year, alongside a €1.49bn revenue.