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Hopes for a trade deal with the EU remained ambiguous at today’s EU summit, with French President Emmanuel Macron and

October 15, 2020
Angela Merkel

The always interesting French President Emmanuel Macron got it precisely wrong in November when he airily derided Nato — the

December 9, 2019
Brexit delay

Angela Merkel is said to have told other EU leaders a Brexit extension would be inevitable should MPs reject Boris

October 18, 2019

Germany has unveiled a number of new measures to fight climate change following a 15-hour negotiation on Friday.  It comes

September 21, 2019

The German government believes there is a “high probability” that a no-deal Brexit will occur on 31 October. An assessment

August 17, 2019

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels today to mull potential candidates for the organisation's top jobs, including the head of the

May 28, 2019

While the London foreign policy commentariat obsesses over the pathetic soap opera that is Brexit, it almost entirely misses the

May 28, 2019

France will push against repeatedly extending the Brexit deadline, a top adviser said yesterday with one eye on 31 October

May 11, 2019

Angela Merkel has seemingly rejected Theresa May’s call for short delay to Brexit as she talked up an an extension

April 10, 2019

Theresa May has asked Angela Merkel to delay Brexit until 30 June in a face-to-face meeting in Berlin. The Prime

April 9, 2019

EU ministers arrived in Luxembourg this morning to try and thrash out a united stance on whether it should give

April 9, 2019

A long delay to Brexit is looking increasingly likely as the Conservative and Labour leaderships are struggling to agree a

April 8, 2019

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