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Nuclear and particle physicists in the UK will be leading preliminary work to help design detectors at a new facility

October 11, 2021

Yesterday it was announced that London First will be launching the London Data Charter, which sets out the guiding principles

September 22, 2021
Extinction Rebellion Hold Climate Change Protests

North America experienced its warmest June to date with several cities in the U.S. and Canada recording a full 5

July 7, 2021

AI and data science will probably bring about the most significant changes to the financial services industry that the industry

June 22, 2021

The US Supreme Court today granted LinkedIn another chance to prevent a rival recruitment data company from scraping personal data

June 14, 2021

Internet security blog posts are usually more at home on the inside pages of IT trade publications than on the

May 25, 2021

Modern software methodologies have some catching up to do to accommodate data science practitioners. It was the early 2000s when

April 23, 2021
App Illustrations

Public trust is steadily declining in the tech sector; WhatsApp’s latest ordeal is a perfect example. The company recently announced

January 21, 2021
Metrica Sports provides AI-powered data and video analysis software to almost 100 leading football teams

Barcelona were one of Metrica Sports’ first clients but it was when the video and data analysis provider signed up

January 13, 2021
children's data

From today, our children’s online privacy is protected by default. Literally.  New rules will force companies to give children and

September 8, 2020

Few of us alive today have lived through a year so tumultuous, historic, and (yes, that word again) unprecedented as

September 2, 2020
data protection

There’s another crisis brewing.  Millions of businesses across the UK have quickly adapted to the Covid-19 environment. While some companies

August 14, 2020

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