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News and opinion about artificial intelligence (AI) and robot technology from companies including Google and Apple – will robots steal our jobs?

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Price Of Bitcoin Sinks As Cryptocurrency Sell-off Continues

The price of Bitcoin is not the only thing that is surging.  According to an analysis by Cambridge University and

March 9, 2021
The Petersen Automotive Museum Opens New Exhibit "Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles Of Science Fiction And Fantasy"

It’s set to transform most aspects of our lives, but AI is still barely understood – and barely regulated. Is

February 15, 2021

It’s very rare a chief executive will say their work will lead to mass job cuts, not least one of

January 26, 2021
Metrica Sports provides AI-powered data and video analysis software to almost 100 leading football teams

Barcelona were one of Metrica Sports’ first clients but it was when the video and data analysis provider signed up

January 13, 2021
Nike's revolutionary Vaporfly running shoe shows the potential of the mass market smart apparel market

After the sporting chasm that was 2020, things are definitely looking up in 2021. In prospect are Olympics and Paralympic

January 1, 2021

Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of our daily lives. From smartphones to Alexa virtual assistants,

December 15, 2020
facial recognition

Can we trust facial recognition technology? James Fisher, chief product officer at Qlik, says YES. We need to move away

September 23, 2020

British spooks will need to use artificial intelligence (AI) to fight a range of threats to national security, according to

April 27, 2020
Winter Weather

Britain is blessed with one of the healthiest technology industries in the world. We are creating more tech unicorns –

March 30, 2020
ai, artificial intelligence

The “Wild West” of artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be reined in, according to EU industry commissioner Thierry Breton. However,

March 12, 2020

Softbank is reportedly close to investing $100m (£77m) in a startup which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help financial firms

February 19, 2020
robots, ai, artificial intelligence

With artificial intelligence (AI) promising to make huge numbers of people redundant across a swathe of industries, there’s been much

February 18, 2020

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