Saturday 20 July 2019 10:09 am

The Metropolitan Police's website and Twitter suffer from bizarre hack

The Metropolitan Police’s website was hacked on Friday night as it posted a series of bizarre emails and tweets.

A stream of unusual emails were sent from the force’s press office at around 23:30 BST last night.

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While a number of tweets, which have since been deleted, were also posted to its more than a million followers, including one about rapper Digga D.

“What you gonna do call the police?”, “We are the police… Cal and Dylan are gay” and “no comment get my lawyer” were among the messages posted on Twitter.

Others included offensive language and people’s names, while posts also linked to press releases regarding the rapper, calling for his release, and an apparent missing child, both of which were bogus.

Scotland Yard confirmed its website had “been subject to unauthorised access”. 

It said it had used an online provider called MyNewsDesk to issue news releases and that “unauthorised messages” appeared on its website, Twitter account and in emails sent to subscribers.

“We have begun making changes to our access arrangements to MyNewsDesk,” a Met spokesman said, adding that the force was trying to establish exactly what had happened.

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“At this stage, we are confident the only security issue relates to access to our MyNewsDesk account.

“We apologise to our subscribers and followers for the messages they have received.”