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Fladgate Talk

Fladgate is a nimble 82 partner law firm known for its ability to work on fast moving, complex challenges requiring enterprising and commercial solutions.

We deliver against our clients’ high expectations by being extensively connected across their worlds, immersed in their goals and constantly searching to not just understand their business needs but anticipate them. As a result, we work with some of the leading and fastest growing businesses and ‘trend initiator’ brands along with UHNWI’s or their advisors from around the world. 

Our distinctive approach stems from providing a level of personal service that our clients tell us they do not get from the other firms they use*. Partners at Fladgate operate in small close-knit and collaborative teams.

Fladgate has carefully structured these teams to ensure that Partners can offer a uniquely personal service. They not only take the lead but also do a significant amount of the detailed work. This and our strongly personal and collaborative culture results in an ability to move efficiently and at speed.

Fladgate combines nimble and efficient with high quality, full service and international capabilities. Clients appreciate our personal scale and flat efficient structure but know we can also help across the full breadth of their needs and bring international connectivity. We deliver all this from one office without the overheads or bureaucracy of larger international network firms.

One of the things that characterises Fladgate is the nature of our clients and our ability to deliver quick thinking and enterprising solutions for them.

A large proportion of clients we work for are either: founder/owners/senior directors in small to medium size fast growing businesses often seen as ‘trend initiators’ in their markets; or they are UHNWI’s or their advisors. They generally don’t have large in-house resources and rely on us heavily to guide them through fast moving and intricate challenges.

They also expect commercial and enterprising thinking, Fladgate scores up to 20% higher in service factors related to this area than other firms that our clients use.* Another reason why our focus on personal service has paid off.

Many of our clients come from diverse sectors but, given the generally entrepreneurial outlook of our clients, we have developed focus and strengths across a number of particular sectors including: Aviation; Betting & Gaming; Energy & Renewables; Family Offices; Financial Institution; Fintech; Hotels; International; Leisure; Life Sciences; Media & Technology; Real Estate; Retail; Sports.

*Fladgate 2019 client survey: run by Nisus consulting with 310 client responses. Fladgate outperforms other firms clients use.