Friday 22 January 2016 3:22 pm

Someone is using the Ashley Madison hack to send blackmail threats by post, and they're asking for payment in bitcoin

Six months on from the Ashley Madison hack, it seems the consequences of the notorious data breach has not gone away.

At the time there were fears that members of the dating website, aimed at people already in relationships, would be unveiled following the hack.

Some people, it seems, have indeed been being blackmailed and now security blogger Graham Cluley claims to have the copy of a letter that has been sent to an apparent Ashley Madison member – and has published it on his site.

The blackmailer, who asks for $2,000 to be paid within 10 days in order to keep the victim's secret, sets out the methodical way in which they are avoiding detection, detailing how the letter has been printed and posted in such a way that it can't be traced. Payment is demanded in bitcoin.

"The last man to whom I sent a similar letter decided to ignore me," the blackmailer writes. "Perhaps he thought I was bluffing. Feel free to contact him if you wish to verify my sincerity."

Personal details have been redacted, but the blackmailer claims to have contacted the man concerned, and when payment was not received, he contacted his wife, daughter, colleagues, superiors and subordinates at work. 

"You see [redacted], if you don't comply with my demand I am not just going to humiliate you. I am going to humiliate those close to you as well," the letter continues. It then cites an example of "Mr Wise" who did pay up, adding: "You see, HIS secret is safe with me."