Tuesday 3 May 2016 2:23 pm

Siemens says it's investing "a lot" in cyber security

Siemens is investing “a lot” to bolster its defences against potential cyber attackers who may try to infiltrate its systems.

Speaking to City A.M. at the World Manufacturing Forum, Norbert Gaus, executive vice president and head of the research and technology centre at Siemens, said: “Cyber security, to us, is mandatory. There's’ no question we’re investing a lot in it."

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“The more connectivity you have, the more you have to make the communication between machines – and men and machines – is safe and secure.”

He added that cyber security and data analytics are the biggest growth areas for the European technology sector.

“These are the two fastest growing areas from a technology point – it’s security and data analytics,” he said.

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Siemens launched a cyber security platform for industrial customers called the Siemens’ Managed Security Service (MSS) in 2013. A year later, it opened a cyber security operation centre and invested in cyber security start-up CyActive which protects power plants.

“You have more systems that are connected, that communicate and that have intelligence. Making these secure is a high priority," he said.