Tuesday 11 October 2016 6:01 am

London mayor Sadiq Khan to call on government to prioritise access to the EU's Single Market

London mayor Sadiq Khan will today urge the government to prioritise access to the EU’s Single Market as it enters crucial Brexit negotiations.

Speaking at an event organised by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Khan will emphasise the need to “safeguard future economic prosperity and help maintain London’s position as a global financial centre”.

“There’s been a lot of tough talk from the government in recent days with what looks like a lurch towards a ‘hard Brexit’ approach,” Khan is expected to say.

“It seems some people at the heart of government are willing to lead us ever closer to the cliff edge. Not only would hard Brexit be the wrong approach for our country, but the strong rhetoric from ministers – and the unnecessary rush to trigger Article 50 – is sending all the wrong signals to investors during this uncertain period.”

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The former Labour MP will accuse the government of failing to stick up for the City as it prepares to trigger Article 50 early next year.

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Sadiq Khan will also urge the government to introduce a new work permit system so the capital.

He will tell CBI members: “I want you to have the confidence – both during this uncertain period and following Brexit – that the rights of your existing employees from Europe will be protected and that you can continue to hire the best and the brightest from around the world That’s why I’m urging the Government to reform the system to allow you to have access to the best talent on offer.”