Friday 13 September 2019 12:57 pm

London Fashion Week: Extinction Rebellion protesters soak themselves in fake blood

Extinction Rebellion protesters have doused themselves in fake blood as they stage a so-called die in at the start of London Fashion Week.

The climate change activists also poured buckets of red liquid around the entrance to the annual trade event as they accused the fashion industry of having blood on its hands concerning its role in damaging the environment.

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Five protesters wore white dresses and bleeding hearts glued themselves to the main entrance of London Fashion Week in the Strand, Charing Cross, today.

The act begins five days of action targeting the capital’s annual fashion mega-show including a Boycott Fashion event in Hammersmith’s Lyric Square, where activists will tell the public about the fashion industry’s adverse impact on the environment.

London Fashion Week bouncers look away as Extinction Rebellion protesters make their mark (credit: Gareth Morris)

Activists will also organise “swarming actions” to block major roads near London Fashion Week venues on Sunday and Monday. They are yet to confirm which venues will be targeted.

Protests will climax with a funeral procession at Trafalgar Square to mark the end of London Fashion Week “to reflect on the lives already lost and that will be lost as a result of climate and ecological breakdown”.

“Instead of the fashion industry exploiting sustainability to sustain business as usual it should use its influence and creativity to sustain life on earth,” said Extinction Rebellion member Sara Arnold.

“The industry is set to grow by 63 per cent between now and 2030. It is time for it to admit that it has failed to make itself sustainable.”

Today’s protests follow a letter Extinction Rebellion sent to British Fashion Council boss Caroline Rush in July urging her to cancel the event.

Rush refused, but replied to say: “We are facing a climate change emergency and all need to act.”

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All pictures credited to Gareth Morris