Thursday 20 February 2020 2:52 pm

London drivers pay £70m in Ulez charges

London’s drivers have been hit by £70.4m in charges and fines in the eight months since the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (Ulez) charge was introduced in the capital.

The data, which was obtained through a FOI request from car insurance provider By Miles, has revealed that drivers have paid out £48.9m in charges and £21.5m in fines since the zone was brought in.

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The daily Ulez charge for cars and small vehicles to drive within the zone is £12.50. Thus far there have been 3.4m individual charges, an average of three per car.

An individual fine, on the other hand, can cost drivers as much as £160, which can be reduced to £80 in cases of swift payment.

The highest number of penalties accrued by a single vehicle under the Ulez charge is 165, which would cost the owner £13,200 at the prompt payment rate.

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There is no automatic notification system in place to remind drivers that they have entered the zone, and no way of retrospectively checking – meaning drivers are dependent on themselves to remember to pay the charge before the same day midnight deadline.

In all, it is estimated that the central London Ulez will generate a total of £213m in charges and penalties by the end of its first year.

James Blackham, co-founder of By Miles, said: “While the Ulez zone is a positive step towards tackling climate change and improving air quality in the city, it’s clear that it is causing considerable confusion among drivers in the capital.

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“Many are unaware where zones start and finish, and the tight timeframe you’re given to pay the fee if you accidentally pass through it is costing unsuspecting motorists millions.

“The £21.5m issued in penalty notices won’t help to get motorists behind what is an important mission so, after falling foul of the penalty charge ourselves, we wanted to give drivers a tool to help them pay charges that are owed and avoid a punishing penalty charge