Wednesday 23 June 2021 6:19 pm

Lib Dems unveil their answer to Vladimir Putin aggression: Webcams

The Liberal Democrats have called for all Royal Navy ships to be on webcams 24/7 so the government can identify where they are at all times and to fight off potential Vladimir Putin aggression.

The party’s defence spokesperson Jamie Stone MP said constant video surveillance would help clearly identify acts of aggression against UK ships, such as was seen today.

Warning shots were reportedly fired by the Russian navy at the HMS Defender in the Black Sea on Wednesday morning.

The UK Ministry of Defence denied the reports, saying the bombs were a part of a pre-planned exercise, however Russian authorities maintain the action was in retaliation for the HMS Defender coming near the disputed territory of Crimea.

Putin claims Crimea as a part of Russia, however it is internationally recognised as still being in the Ukraine.

The Lib Dems say they have a simple solution to avoid these kinds of geopolitical fracas in the future.

“Her Majesty’s government must ensure that a continuous global positioning livestream can publicly validate the true position of all our warships, at all times, in real time,” Stone said.

“This will help keep our warships safe and clearly identify acts of aggression based on false claims of ships’ positions at any time.”

The warning shots came in the same week that a UK government minister signed an agreement to bolster a defence partnership with Ukraine.

The Memorandum of Implementation was in fact signed on the deck of the Defender.