Monday 13 June 2016 12:03 pm

Just when you thought you'd had enough - Brexiting Britpopper and former Ukip candidate Mandy Boylett releases second single supporting Vote Leave

"Telling Mr Juncker you'll be kissing my *ss."

Back in February, former Ukip candidate Mandy Boylett took the Leave campaign by storm when she released a pro-Brexit music video taking inspiration from Britpoppers the Spice Girls.

Now, the 52 year old who brought you Britain's Coming Home (lyrics included: “David Cameron, tell me what’s wrong? Your MPs don’t really want you" and "they want prisoners to vote") brought out her sparkly Union Jack dress once more to prove she's no one-trick pony.

No longer content with using home-grown songs, Boylett (incidentally, Ukip's candidate for the Stockton North seat in last year's General Election) has released a parody of Pink's Get the Party Started.

The scene opens with Boylett, who lived in Brussels for more than five years before joining Ukip, smiling radiantly over Westminster with party leader Nigel Farage and Brexiteer Boris Johnson looking on in admiration.

Lyrics include: "We're voting Leave so you better get this party started", "casting off the red tape and reclaiming our fish", and The Capitalist's personal favourite "still exporting vacs / importing Mercedez Benz".

The Capitalist wonders if this new hit will change any minds in the City? PwC's Andrew Sentance came out strongly in favour of Remain last month owing to the impressive performance of his EU-regulated lawnmower