Thursday 19 March 2015 9:42 pm

Jezza needs be hungry no more

JEREMY Clarkson was suspended from BBC 2’s hit lads’ – sorry, motoring – programme Top Gear for allegedly whacking (or being involved in a fracas with) a producer for not getting the great man a steak after a hard day’s driving a very fast car. The hapless producer reportedly had the temerity to offer him a cheese platter instead. Now, however, Jezza may never go hungry again. Those clever people from CEL have used their Robox 3D plug-and-print-at-home printer to create a new game called Hungry Hungry Clarksons for those families who spend their nights playing Hungry Hungry Hippo . The head of Clarkson is now available from MyMiniFactory, an online library of 3D printable parts, as a modification for the original game so people merely need to download the part and print off Clarkson’s four heads. “Now the whole family can feed Jeremy by playing Hungry Hungry Clarksons. “CEL Robox were saddened to hear the Top Gear presenter went into a rage after being hungry for his steak, and have created a new game so Jeremy never goes hungry again!” said CEL. The company has form. It created a Katy Perry 3D-printable figure, but stopped doing so after her lawyers chose to send a cease-and-desist letter to a Florida man who was selling then. And on that bombshell…