Thursday 14 October 2021 12:21 pm

Investment group Ashmore loses $3bn assets as emerging markets struggle

Assets under management at Ashmore Group dropped by $3.1bn in the third quarter of 2021, the UK-listed company said in an investor update this morning.

The news marks a blow for the company, which specialises in emerging markets, as just last month the firm saw its assets under management swell to almost $95bn over the course of the year.

The drop to $91.3bn in the three months to the end of September follows challenges in emerging market investments.

Net outflows of $1bn over the quarter were influenced by a small number of large institutional redemptions, Ashmore said in a statement.

The Group said market sentiment “deteriorated” during the quarter, “and the consequent reduction in investor risk appetite in September meant that returns were negative for the period overall.”

Shares in the investment group initially fell by more than two per cent in early trading but recovered slightly to a 0.4 per cent drop.

“Investors have focused increasingly on the global growth outlook, including the impact of higher commodity prices, supply chain challenges and China’s ongoing reforms,” said Ashmore chief executive officer Mark Coombs.

He insisted though that “central banks in emerging countries are raising interest rates, reinforcing the attractive yields available.”

“This positive fundamental backdrop,” he continued, “is not reflected in current valuations, presenting an opportunity for Ashmore’s active investment processes to exploit and enabling investors to benefit from increasing their allocations to Emerging Markets.”