Tuesday 4 August 2015 12:05 pm

HSBC appoints Antonio Simoes as chief executive of Europe business

HSBC has appointed Antonio Simoes as chief executive HSBC Bank plc, its UK business, and chief executive of its Europe business.
He replaces Alan Keir, who has worked for the bank for the 34 years and intends to retire once the change comes into effect on 1 September. 
Before joining HSBC in 2007, Simoes worked for McKinsey & Co. His first role at the bank was to lead group strategy and M&A activities, and then in 2009 he became chief of staff to the group head.
In January 2012, he was appointed head of Europe's retail banking and wealth management division, becoming deputy chief executive of the bank later in the year. 
Stuart Gulliver remains chief executive of the whole group – the bank is still considering moving its headquarters away from the UK.