Friday 28 August 2020 10:57 am

Extinction Rebellion to block London streets in climate change protest

Climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion will block the streets in London next week as they demand that the government addresses the crisis. 

Protestors are planning to block roads around parliament on 1 September as they call on MPs to back a climate emergency bill. 

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Demonstrations will also take place in Manchester and Cardiff. 

“The focus will, I think, more than it has been before, be on those institutions of power,” said Anneka Sutcliffe, an Extinction Rebellion action coordinator told the Guardian.

 “We’re really hoping to have a big show of solidarity, especially on that first day around parliament, and then over the course of a couple of weeks we’re hoping to build pressure with our actions.”

Protest plans for the bank holiday weekend and the following weeks include sit-ins, marches and roadblocks around the country.

Activists will hold a “mad hatter’s tea party” at Gatwick airport to protest against the aviation industry. 

The group said: “On 1 September the UK Parliament starts re-sitting after the summer: so we’re going to make sure they start anew with justice, care and life at the heart of it.

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“From the 1st we will peacefully disrupt the UK Parliament in London, carrying out pressure building actions over two weeks, until they back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill and prepare for crisis with a National Citizens’ Assembly.”

Extinction Rebellion cancelled action that was due to take place in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.