Friday 18 June 2021 10:45 am

Euros tied with summer sun sees booze sales soar across the UK

Alcohol sales in the UK have skyrocketed during the Euros, as sunny weather spurred fans to splash the cash on booze, according to data from PayPoint.

Sales data from PayPoint’s network of 28,000 retailers found that over the weekend the Three Lions played their first fixture against Croatia, alcohol sales climbed 11 per cent in Britain.

Meanwhile, north of the border in Scotland, sales rose 6 per cent – with the tipple of choice being Tennent’s Lager, which enjoyed an 18 per cent boost, Dragon Soop (16 per cent) and Buckfast (13 per cent).

British fans, still soaking up June’s sun and not deterred by the incoming rains, favoured Corona and San Miguel, which saw sales surge 35 per cent and 23 per cent respectively.

However, Wales’ boozey celebrations dwarfed the Brits and the Scots’ shindigs.

The UK’s Welsh fans rallied a sales increase of 23 per cent over the weekend they kicked off their tournament against Switzerland.

Stella’s sales soared 78 per cent, Strongbow was up 71 per cent and Thatchers Gold rose 59 per cent.

“The start of the Euros coinciding with some long overdue sunny weather has boosted alcohol sales but also the nation’s mood,” retail services director at PayPoint, Ben Ford, said.

“Let’s hope this is only just the beginning of a stellar summer. PayPoint wishes good luck to all three home nation teams.”

Potential pints

But it is not all shine and no rain for the UK’s alcohol sales after pandemic restrictions hammered the hospitality industry, the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) said.

While the BBPA forecast England and Scotland fans to buy 3.4m pints during the Three Lions vs the Tartan Army match, restrictions are still set to dampen the potential number of pints sold if pubs had fewer rules to abide by, it said.

The trade association has estimated the number of beer sales will be 850,000 pints fewer than if the game was showed without restrictions – which the BBPA said will result in a loss of £3.2m in revenue for pubs in England and Scotland on Friday alone.

Despite the hit to potential earnings, the UK’s hospitality sector is set to pour 14.8m pints across England and Scotland today as fans continue to show support despite Covid measures.