Discover Catalonia

Sheltered by the Pyrenees and lapped by the Mediterranean sea, Catalonia is a region defined by innovation, where cultural exchanges have shaped its history and its people. A territory with nearly 8 million inhabitants, which has a strong willingness to play an active role in the 21st century world and is ready for the new challenges ahead. 

Heritage, dating back to the Roman Empire, and UNESCO’s listed architecture and unique cultural expressions, such as Castellers or Catalonia’s worldwide acclaimed gastronomy, combine here with a vibrant economy, an open and business friendly environment and the public commitment with a sustainable growth and a greener future.

Home of more than 1.000 companies in the life sciences industry, Catalonia has proved its excellence in this field, leading research and innovation in times of Coronavirus: it’s Europe’s densest pharma environment and received highest number of R&D investment projects in 2019. Its local talent is sought after by many foreign companies and praised by international organisms and leading projects across the globe.

However, it’s IT and tech have proved to be Catalonia’s strongest economic force. The number of foreign tech companies in Catalonia grew by 21 per cent in 2020 nearing 1.400. Several European media and companies specialised in Technology and start-up environment, such as the Financial Times, have recognised Barcelona and Catalonia’s strategy to attract foreign technological investment as the second best in Europe. They are only behind London and ahead of cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam.

Catalonia wants to be taken into account, to be part of global alliances such as 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development or Four Motors for Europe, to continue hosting leading international events such as the Mobile World Congress and prove to the world its position as a reliable partner and strategic hub.

Catalonia’s spirit of collaboration is in its DNA. It has made building bridges one of its most defining traits. Its history is made of new beginnings; making the most of the new challenges and turning crisis into opportunities

Come and choose your most suitable asset and discover that Catalonia’s possibilities are as diverse as its landscape and people. 

Catalonia is open to business and open to the world. A talented proactive workforce in a dynamic business climate offers new companies numerous competitive advantages.

The Catalonia Industry Suppliers directory brings together more than 3,000 suppliers from all economic sectors. You can search for a specific company by name, or filter by sector and type of product. Find your industrial partner here!

Setting up business in Catalonia is straightforward but it gets even easier if you receive first-hand details on the local steps and procedures. Our success lies in offering a pro-business approach and tailor-made solutions.

Catalonia connects you to one of the European most dynamic ecosystems of startups & investors