Thursday 2 April 2020 1:30 pm

Coronavirus: Online beer and wine shop reports 1,000 per cent surge in sales

Londoners have been stocking up on alcohol supplies during the coronavirus lockdown, with one online craft beer reporting a 1,000 per cent increase in sales.

Beer and wine supplier Rebellious Goods said its online business has seen 11 times more orders in March compared to February, while average order sizes are three times above pre-coronavirus levels.

The average spend has increased to £60, from £20, as Londoners drink at home during the coronavirus lockdown and following the closure of all bars and pubs. 

“Demand for craft beers and natural wines has never been higher and the response to our one-hour service has been phenomenal,” said Rebellious Goods co-founder Anni Bauer. 

“We’re having to take on more delivery staff to meet demand. We’re also attracting a new audience, because we are making the products more accessible to people who might have seen them previously as ‘booze for snobs and hipsters’.

“Order sizes are three times larger than normal, and we’re seeing most people buying in the morning, when we thought evenings would be our busiest times. I guess it’s a long time to be stuck at home. Clearly, enjoying a drink during the day is making the lockdown bearable.”

British beer and wine producer Chapel Down also reported a surge in demand due to coronavirus yesterday. 

Supermarket and off licence sales were “substantially” up and online transactions also increased after the government ordered all pubs, theatres and hospitality venues to close in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, the company said. 

Meanwhile the latest data by Kantar showed that supermarket alcohol sales were up 22 per cent in March due to coronavirus.