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softbank vision fund

Japanese tech investment giant Softbank is reportedly considering moving the unit that manages its $100bn (£75.6bn) Vision Fund from London

November 10, 2020

Softbank has jumped onto the booming e-scooter market, leading a $250m (£190m) investment round in Berlin-based Tier. Tier has grown

November 10, 2020
softbank vision fund

Softbank’s Vision Fund division posted a record ¥784.4bn (£5.7bn) profit for the third quarter after a recovery in startup valuations

November 9, 2020

After a year of hefty losses, Softbank is now dealing with an exodus of executives at its $100bn Vision Fund. 

November 2, 2020
wework china

Wework is selling control of its Chinese division to one of its investors, in a deal that further reduces the

September 24, 2020

Softbank has bounced back from a record loss earlier in the year after strong performances by its tech investments fuelled

August 11, 2020
softbank tech vision fund

Softbank has reportedly invested over $500m (£399m) into Credit Suisse investment funds that made large bets on startups backed by

June 15, 2020

Softbank has more than doubled the pay of its Vision Fund boss Rajeev Misra even as the mammoth tech fund

May 29, 2020
Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son has revealed his firm will fall to a historic loss due to bad bets on tech startups and the impacyt of coronavirus

Softbank expects to lose $16.7bn (£13.3bn) on tech startups it has invested in through its Vision Fund this year due

April 14, 2020
Struggling Office Space Company WeWork Announces Plan To Lay Off 2400 Employees

Wework’s special committee is suing Softbank over the Japanese investment giant’s decision to abandon a $3bn (£2.4bn) share purchase, the

April 7, 2020

Wework has threatened to sue Softbank after the Japanese investment giant abandoned plans to buy $3bn (£2.4bn) worth of additional

April 2, 2020

Softbank has demanded that Moody’s remove all of its bond ratings after the ratings agency downgraded the conglomerate’s debt by

March 25, 2020

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