Sunday 11 October 2015 2:14 pm

Barista creates Irn Bru coffee by mixing espresso with Scotland's favourite drink

Move over deep-fried Mars bars, there's a new Scottish delicacy in town.

One young barista has created what could just be the ultimate pick-me-up my combining a shot of espresso and the Scots' favourite drink, Irn Bru.

Competing in a barista championship in Edinburgh, 17-year-old student and coffee shop worker Daniel Todd picked up second place in the competition with the concoction.

“The drink is served as a short shot of espresso with a dash of cold irn bru. It’s really sweet tasting, like a Wham bar," he told the Scotsman. "I got the inspiration from slammers – a really strong shot of Espresso topped up with just a little of Irn Bru. As you’re drinking it it changes and you get different flavours. It starts tangy and then gets more coffee-ish as you get further down.”

As well as usurping the now world famous deep-fried Mars bar, it could perhaps give bulletproof coffee a run for its money. If you haven't heard, that's a new trend for putting melted butter in your coffee. It sounds crazy, but it's good for your health according to health and fitness aficionados, so perhaps Irn Bru in your brew could just be the perfect pick-me-up too.