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Average graduate salaries by university and subject: Where to go and what to study to earn top dollar

Going to university at Oxford or Cambridge pays. But it doesn’t pay as much as the London School of Economics or City University London. But it pays a lot more than going to Cardiff Metropolitan University.

And if you want to earn top dollar as a graduate it’s also worth aiming for an economics degree rather than fine arts and design.

Salary benchmarking site has compiled a ranking of 84 UK universities by analysing 2,400 salaries from graduates (defined as those with less than two years of experience in the workplace) with bachelor degree.

It marks the latest in a long line of graduate pay studies undertaken by Emolument, including research into which universities produce the most business leaders and which MBA courses are best for pay.

London School of Economics grads can expect to earn an average of £38,000, slightly above £36,000 at City University. Cambridge (£35,000) pips Oxford to third place (£34,000). Bath, Edinburgh and Durham, with £33,000, £32,000 and £31,000, come next in the ranking.

Cardiff Metropolitan props up the table, with an average graduate salary of £18,000, slightly behind Liverpool John Moores, Goldsmiths, Anglia Ruskin, University of Central Lancashire, Queen’s University Belfast and Aberystwyth on £19,000.

As for degree subjects, economics pays £33,000, ahead of engineering in second with £28,000. Fine arts and design is at the bottom of the table, with £19,000, just behind English literature and media, marketing and communication, both of £21,000.

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UniversityRankGraduate Pay
London School of Economics1£38,000
City University London2£36,000
Cambridge University3£35,000
Oxford University4£34,000
Bath University5£33,000
Edinburgh University6£32,000
Durham University7£31,000
Imperial College London8£31,000
Loughborough University9£30,000
Warwick University10£30,000
Bristol University11£30,000
University College London12£29,000
Manchester University13£29,000
Aston University14£28,000
Nottingham University15£28,000
Birmingham University16£27,000
Sussex University17£27,000
Middlesex University18£27,000
Keele University19£27,000
King's College London20£27,000
Southampton University21£27,000
Strathclyde University22£27,000
Leicester University23£26,000
Leeds University24£26,000
York University25£26,000
Queen Mary University of London26£26,000
Exeter University27£26,000
Hull University28£26,000
Glasgow University29£26,000
Surrey University30£26,000
Staffordshire University31£25,000
Liverpool University32£25,000
Essex University33£25,000
Heriot-Watt University34£25,000
Kent University35£25,000
Hertfordshire University36£25,000
Gloucestershire University37£25,000
Newcastle University38£25,000
Cardiff University39£24,000
Sheffield University40£24,000
University of East London41£24,000
Northumbria University42£24,000
Huddersfield University43£24,000
Brunel University44£24,000
Greenwich University45£24,000
Lancaster University46£24,000
London Metropolitan University47£24,000
Plymouth University48£24,000
Portsmouth University49£24,000
Royal Holloway50£24,000
The Open University51£24,000
University of East Anglia52£24,000
University of the West of England53£24,000
Westminster University54£24,000
Leeds Metropolitan University55£24,000
Northampton University56£23,000
Kingston University57£23,000
Nottingham Trent University58£23,000
Bangor University59£23,000
Canterbury Christ Church University60£23,000
Reading University61£23,000
Sheffield Hallam University62£22,000
Coventry University63£22,000
Oxford Brookes University64£22,000
Birmingham City University65£22,000
Bournemouth University66£22,000
Brighton University67£22,000
London South Bank University68£22,000
Manchester Metropolitan University69£21,000
Roehampton University70£21,000
Southampton Solent University71£21,000
University of the Arts London72£21,000
Swansea University73£21,000
West London University74£21,000
De Montfort University75£20,000
Salford University76£20,000
Ulster University77£20,000
Aberystwyth University78£19,000
Queen's University Belfast79£19,000
University of Central Lancashire80£19,000
Anglia Ruskin University81£19,000
Goldsmiths University82£19,000
Liverpool John Moores University83£19,000
Cardiff Metropolitan University84£18,000

And here is what you need to study…


Economics: £33,000

Engineering: £28,000

Management & Strategy: £27,000

Mathematics & Statistics: £27,000

Computer Sciences: £27,000

Accounting, Business & Finance: £27,000

Physics, Life Sciences & Healthcare: £27,000

Law: £26,000

Modern Languages: £26,000

Humanities (History, Geography, Politics…): £25,000

Chemistry & Natural Sciences: £23,000

Psychology: £23,000

Media, Marketing & Communication: £21,000

English Literature: £21,000

Fine Arts & Design: £19,000


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