Wednesday 12 September 2012 9:16 pm

Apple hits back at competition with iPhone 5

APPLE last night revealed a thinner and more powerful version of the iPhone, as the world’s biggest company sought to wrestle back the initiative from rival smartphone makers. Chief executive Tim Cook took the stage at the first launch of Apple’s most profitable product since Steve Jobs’ death to say Apple was “stronger than ever”, unveiling a phone with a larger screen, an upgraded camera and mobile broadband technology. With the success of Samsung’s phones and recent launches from Nokia and Motorola, Apple was seen as being under pressure to deliver a desirable model after the slight upgrade that was last year’s 4S. Yesterday’s event saw few surprises, although analysts said the iPhone will continue to be wildly popular among consumers when it goes on sale next Friday, despite the lack of a groundbreaking new feature. “Upon its launch the iPhone 4S was met with some level of disappointment and yet, despite this, it continued to outpace sales of its predecessor at an impressive rate,” said Greenwich Consulting’s Fred Huet. Carphone Warehouse’s chief executive Andrew Harrison said: “We predict that more consumers than any other handset launched this year will purchase the iPhone 5.” One of the most significant new features was LTE technology, which will allow the iPhone 5 to run on high speed 4G services. EE, the company that runs the Orange and T-Mobile networks, yesterday said the iPhone 5 would run on the 4G network it will launch in the coming weeks, giving it a headstart on rival operators, which will offer 4G from next year. Apple also revealed new versions of its iPod models and iTunes music software. See Geek Speak: has Apple really released the iPhone 4SS?