At Addidat, we help AIM listed companies succeed in ESG with our data-driven insights.

We combine our unique experience and AIM focused, ESG data to help AIM company boards understand what their sustainability strategy needs to include and solve for, in a low cost, low time commitment way.

We benchmark our clients against their peers on over 45 ESG metrics and they receive an easy to consume, visual report, with action-oriented and prioritised recommendations based on our data-driven insights.

Our clients use our analysis and insights to define and refine their ESG strategies and build confidence in its success.

We are delighted that Addidat has partnered with Impact A.M.’s 2023 ESG Campaign!

The ESG Impact Campaign recognises the most ambitious and innovative businesses that help others meet and exceed their ESG goals.

This partnership will empower even more companies and business leaders to succeed with ESG by taking data-driven decisions, strengthening stakeholder engagement, and improving governance and reporting.

Nina Spencer and Beth Scaysbrook recently spent the afternoon in the City AM studio talking about who they are, why Addidat is here, and how we help our clients.  We are looking forward to sharing the video soon!