Saturday 26 September 2015 8:31 am

1 in 4 employees have quit a job over a lack of transparency

Britons are being kept increasingly in the dark at work, as “mushroom management” becomes a growing problem at UK offices.

Four in five employees wish their bosses would tell them more about how their company is doing, according to a survey from Geckoboard – and it’s not a trifling workplace problem, either.

A quarter of employees have actually left their job because the information blackout got too bad.

Paul Joyce, chief executive of Geckoboard, said that transparency is good for business:

Without a clear view of the company position, how can we expect our employees to make the right decisions and perform against business key performance indicators to drive business growth?

Ditching the style of mushroom management and instead adopting a clear, transparent data position with staff will not only boost morale, but will help a business get the most out of its employees

Of course, leaving a job altogether may seem like an extreme reaction. Even more Britons have resorted to doing their own digging to find out more. Over half of the people surveyed admitted to having done internal espionage to find the information their bosses aren’t sharing with them.

Nosiness levels vary wildly across different industries however – and it turns out human resources are most likely to do their own digging.