Hull City Council is jumping on the wave of enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, [...]

31 March 2014

Bit121 a UK-based Bitcoin exchange has suspended trading and will be closing temporarily from today. [...]

31 March 2014

Troubled Bitcoin exchange MtGox has said it has found 200,000 Bitcoin worth roughly £70m. [...]

21 March 2014

Denmark's central bank has released a publication stating that "unlike precious metals such as gold and silver, [...]

18 March 2014

Despite China's recent crackdown, cyptocurrency Bitcoin has been given a new lease of life in the world's second [...]

17 March 2014

The man Newsweek claims to be the father of Bitcoin has issued an unconditional denial that he had anything to [...]

17 March 2014

Singapore is set to regulate Bitcoin exchanges to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. [...]

13 March 2014

In a new primer on the nature of money, the UK's central bank has waded into the world of sterling-alternatives. [...]

12 March 2014

ONE OF the world’s biggest investors in cryptocurrency Bitcoin is eyeing a deal to take control of stricken [...]

10 March 2014

The bad new keeps on mounting for the world's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The Japanese government has [...]

7 March 2014

THE RECLUSIVE founder of Bitcoin was yesterday revealed as a 64-year-old Japanese-American man living in California, [...]

7 March 2014

Investment guru Warren Buffet has given his opinion on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. [...]

3 March 2014

The UK is planning to scrap VAT on the trading of digital currency Bitcoin, reports the Financial Times. [...]

3 March 2014

Fans of Bitcoin may be suffering from some mixed feelings. [...]

27 February 2014

After the highly popular Bitcoin exchange disappeared entirely yesterday, CEO Mark Karpeles has put an announcement [...]

26 February 2014

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