Theresa May

A government minister and ally of Theresa May has resigned over the UK's Brexit policy, saying he wants to "look [...]

12 June 2018

Theresa May appears to have secured fragile agreement among her MPs to back her ahead of a series of critical [...]

11 June 2018

The EU's chief negotiator has rejected a major component of the UK's proposal around a temporary customs arrangement, [...]

8 June 2018

Ministers charged with determining the UK’s position on post-Brexit customs are poised to argue for a modified [...]

31 May 2018

Number 10 has rubbished claims that Theresa May will make next month's vote on the customs union a matter of confidence, [...]

23 April 2018

The UK is unlikely to get more than a “token, minimalist” deal on financial services included as part of the [...]

12 April 2018

Russia has hit back against the UK's claims it was behind the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal, claiming the [...]

15 March 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has sparked a furious row in the Labour party after he pointedly refused to condemn Russia for the [...]

15 March 2018

The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats as part of a series of measures following the "attempted murder" of Sergei [...]

14 March 2018

The EU has warned Donald Trump that it will launch tough new levies on US exports of bourbon, peanut butter and [...]

7 March 2018

Former business minister Anna Soubry has warned that Brexit could end up splitting the Conservative party, unless [...]

6 February 2018

With just under 90 days to go until local elections in the capital, Conservative Party HQ is going into overdrive [...]

6 February 2018

Grassroots Tory activists are "spitting bullets" about Theresa May's handling of the government, the latest faction [...]

30 January 2018

Tory MPs have likened the party to the infamous cliff-edge scene at the end of The Italian Job, warning that if [...]

25 January 2018

Salisbury MP John Glen is to be named the new City minister, as Theresa May's reshuffle concludes, City A.M. has [...]

9 January 2018

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