Westwood: US Cup fans want to spook us

ENGLAND’S Lee Westwood is anticipating a hostile American atmosphere when Europe’s Ryder Cup team this week challenges for supremacy.

The former world No1 was four years ago critical of the Louisville crowd when while he competed for Europe an individual dressed as a ghost jumped in front of him and shouted “Boo”, and he expects such animosity to continue.

“He was the one that got ejected, but he was the one that made me laugh,” said Westwood of the ghostly figure.

“All of the abuse that I got was fairly nasty and pretty shameful. Some people don’t know the difference between supporting their team and abusing the opposition team, which is unfortunate.

“The crowd will be right into it. Chicago is a great sporting town – they get right behind their teams.

“I don’t see it being any different. You know you are against the crowd as well as the US team when you play in the States, but that is what makes it more satisfying when you come out as the winners.”

In contrast, team-mate Luke Donald is confident those in attendance will treat Europe with greater respect and believes their increased familiarity with the players to be a significant factor in the change he is predicting.

“We will see what happens,” he said. “You never know, but hopefully the days of disrespecting the away team are out the window.

“I think it has changed. We are very well-known. I think that helps.”