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Philip Salter
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TWITTER isn’t for everyone. But for those plugged into the social media tool, the tweeters below provide a base onto which to build your own following.

UK entrepreneurs
Check out: @richardbranson (founder, Virgin), @kingofshaves (founder, King of Shaves) and @dougrichard (former Dragon), @shaawasmund (founder,

US entrepreneurs
Check out: @SteveCase (co-founder of AOL), @GuyKawasaki (co-founder of Alltop), @Caterina (co-founder of Flickr), @bfeld (MD at Foundry) and @fredwilson (VC).

A lean machine
The @leanstartup movement, created by @ericries, offers revolutionary ideas for start-ups. Also follow @Pv who is th co-organiser of the Los Angeles Lean Startup Circle.

Start-up Britain
@michaelhayman and @nick_giles – who run the @madefestival – are a great source for the British enterprise scene. Also worth following @StartUpBritain and@emmaljones

Legal advice
@TWTechCity is run by a team of lawyers supporting entrepreneurship in the UK. They link to free legal documents, news, drop-in clinics and events.

Twitter: @philip_salter