THE BIG question for any football punter prior to this season is &lsquo;can Man City break into the Big Four?&rsquo;. Mark Hughes has spent millions and although it looks like he&rsquo;s been unsuccessful in his bid for John Terry, people are starting to sit up and take notice. Sporting Index are predicting that City will secure between 65.5-67 points and at this stage that looks worthy of a sell. The Sky Blues were absolutely shocking on their travels last season and there is no reason to think that prima donna type players like Adebayor, Robinho and Santa Cruz will be up for it on a miserable Tuesday night at Stoke or Burnley.<br /><br />City&rsquo;s defence was ropey to say the least last season and the majority of Hughes&rsquo; purchases so far have been attackers. It wouldn&rsquo;t surprise me to see him out of a job by Christmas if the team don&rsquo;t start well and it&rsquo;s worth remembering that City&rsquo;s average points per season over the last five has been 48.4. I think John Terry has made the right decision in staying at Stamford Bridge and he can lead his team to another Premier League title. One amazing statistic is that in the history of the English Football League, no team has ever won four back-to-back titles &ndash; a very ominous sign for Man chester United fans. Chelsea have been set with a season points spread of 81-82.5 and their average points tally over the past five seasons is 87.4 &ndash; more than two points higher than United at 85.1. Carlo Ancelotti has inherited a team who have been playing together for a number of seasons and they look a very good buy at 82.5 points with Sporting Index.<br /><br /><strong>POINTERS...</strong><br />Sell Man City&rsquo;s season points at 65.5 with Sporting Index<br />Buy Chelsea&rsquo;s season points at 82.5 with Sporting Index