For the real high flyers, a day (or two) heliskiing offers the ultimate adrenaline rush. And of course there’s no problem finding virginal top-of-the-mountain snow for the very best of late season skiing. Danielle Stynes, of SwisSKIsafari (0041 273982194; has the enviable job of putting together tailor-made helicopter and back-bowl skiing trips with idyllic stops at hand-picked restaurants on the borders of Switzerland, Italy and France. Thigh-busting runs are up to three hours long and April, she says, is often the perfect time of year – with temperatures closer to zero and the sun shining. Naturally heliskiing doesn’t come cheap. Four people staying three nights and four days in two twin rooms in a four star hotel costs around €3,500 per person. The same trip for two people would be €4,500 without flights (to Geneva) or transfers. As you might expect, there are a few exclusive touches. Fancy stopping off for lunch and a hot tub half way down the run, or skiing in for lunch at a monastery?