Fluid populations

[Re: Britain’s booming population has reinforced London’s power, yesterday]

This is correct. Few in the UK grasp the need for educated and experienced immigrants. Even fewer UK companies know how to employ and capitalise on the educated and well-connected people who move here. Thank goodness for UK-based international multinationals.

Alan Fourie

Many young families are now moving to places like Australia and Qatar. Many make the move with great reluctance, but they have no choice. They move with jobs. The population may grow or shrink, but it’s near impossible to control.

Stephen Brown


Travel disruption

[Re: The government is off track with its uneconomic transport policy, yesterday]

Your pages offer two examples of how governments meddle cruelly in the lives of commuters. Firstly, we hear of expensive, if successful, London commuter routes being forced to subsidise provincial vanity rail projects. Then we read about how Olympic traffic lanes are imposing huge fines on people who have no choice but to drive into London. Our capital thrives despite the efforts of our rulers.

Rob Lees

Anyone who struggles into London on trains every morning should be glad of extra investment. Just please don’t put fares up.

Victoria Palmer