Q.I am hosting a number of corporate client events this summer and am struggling with what to wear. I want to look professional and yet not boring. What do you suggest?

A.It is important when hosting events to make an effort with your appearance. You have to also accept that this isn’t the time to experiment with a fashion-forward edgy look. You don’t want to intimidate the very people that you are entertaining. For a corporate work function, the most important element is to ensure you are wearing something that fits you well and doesn’t expose too much flesh. Constantly checking to see if your bra straps are showing, adjusting a belt or pulling at your skirt will communicate a message that you are ill at ease, making your guests feel uncomfortable.

If you feel happiest in separates then opt for a modern version of the trouser suit in a beautiful fabric that most flatters your shape. A mid to high waisted trouser, showing off your smallest point is usually best. Team with a loose slash neck silk top, tucked in. For a more contemporary alternative you could opt for a long skirt in an exquisite print or loose silk shorts at an appropriate length – but these would need to be balanced with something buttoned up and conservative on top. Usually, a dress with some kind of a sleeve is the easiest option and least hassle on the day. Look for something with a degree of stretch in the fabric which will ensure it doesn’t crease and allows you to move easily. A classic shape in a digital print or block colour will also strike the right balance between being fun and appropriate.

As for your shoes, make sure you’ve had time to break them in, you don’t want to be limping around or struggling to smile through the pain.

If in doubt, always ensure you have a fabulous jacket. It is really worth investing in a beautiful piece which you can wear when the weather turns nasty and still look chic in.