Happy ending for Plethora chairman Mellon

LOYAL readers of this page will remember that not long ago, The Capitalist reported on the not-so-well attended AGM of speciality pharmaceutical firm Plethora, which produces a topical spray for the treatment of – let’s just say – unwanted hasty gratification.

After shares in the niche company have been on the rise, so to speak, one would imagine that investors would be celebrating by popping a bottle of champagne or two in the sun.

However, The Capitalist hears that Plethora chairman and entrepreneur Jim Mellon had a rather more sweet way to mark the success of the firm.

“I’m going to write to one of the original investors who backed out at the last minute, almost causing the deal to fall through,” the biotech investor told The Capitalist. Cue plenty of jokes on deals with premature endings. Although, it just goes to show the old adage is true – he who laughs last, laughs loudest.