3 ways to ditch detox

Laura Williams

A leading British liver charity dismissed frenzied January detoxing as “futile” earlier in the month, so what’s the best, safest bet for giving your body a much-needed recharge this January?

Watch your weight
Research has found that if you’re overweight and you drink, your risk of liver disease increases three times. The best way to fix your weight this year? Get cracking today but devise a series of simple steps that you can stick to week in, week out. Do a “reasonable detox”: pledge to have no takeaways until February; at least investigate the more appealing options at your local gym and invest in a fitness DVD so you can work out at home for at least 15 minutes, three times a week. No longer do you have to resort to living room fitness Jane Fonda-style; fitness vids have manned up and you can choose from terrifying US export Jillian Michaels bossing you through her vicious 30 Day Shred, or Davina and her ex-marine team playing good cop/bad cop as you blitz those unwanted trouble spots.

Go with your gut
Rather than eliminate anything worth eating and drinking in an attempt to relieve the liver and boost digestion, why not find out if there are any real underlying gut issues? If you’re unsure as to whether it’s the pretzels or the Pinot Grigio that bloats you on a night out, try YorkTest’s DrinkScan Programme. Determine once and for all whether it’s the cows’ milk in your cappuccino or the grain in your Grolsch that makes you go up a dress size just by looking at a Starbucks. www.yorktest.com

Head for the bar
If you’re hell bent on having your cake and eating it this January, head to the Adventure Bar and sample their detox-retox cocktail. Made from new super ingredient matcha green tea dust, the antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea Martini strikes a nice balance between feel-good and fun. www.adventurebar.co.uk

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