These are the best-paying industries for freelancers to work in

Caitlin Morrison
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Finance and IT jobs are among the best paying for freelancers (Source: Getty)

The best paying contracting jobs are mostly in the finance, change and IT sectors, according to new research from

The best-paid role for a contractor is in the finance sector, with risk modelling/quant jobs coming with an average daily rate of £760.

And despite the headlines about technology 'wonderkids' being offered eye-watering pay packages, Emolument said, the highest paid IT contractors are "still the ones with substantial experience" such as IT senior management, at £570/day.

Change management jobs are also well-represented among the best paying contracting jobs, although Emolument pointed out that these roles are high-stakes "as change projects can dramatically impact a company's bottom line", and as such, are temporary by nature.

"More and more, companies require specific skills and competencies at a given point in time which make the contractor model particularly attractive for employers, prepared to pay up for a targeted solution," said Alice Leguay, co-founder & chief marketing officer at

"Contractors also enjoy the freedom and job variety afforded by a consulting model, though rates vary widely, with some specialism affording much more financial security and visibility than others as our study shows."

The table below shows the top 20 roles and sectors, ranked by daily rate:

1 Finance Risk Modeling/Quant £760
2 Change Management Risk Change £730
3 Management Programme Management £640
4 Finance Model Validation £610
5 Change Management Finance Change £570
6 IT IT Senior Management £570
7 Consulting Strategy Consulting £570
8 Finance Credit Risk Management £520
9 Data Business Analysis £505
10 IT Enterprise Architecture £505
11 Finance Operational Risk Management & Risk Analytics £505
12 Management Project Management £500
13 Finance Corporate & M&A Strategy £495
14 IT IT Service Delivery £485
15 Change Management Operational Change £475
16 Product Product Manager £475
17 IT IT Security £450
18 Outsourcing Procurement & Purchasing £445
19 IT Software development £430
20 Data Data Analysis £425

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